Camp Hardtner Infastructure Upgrade will force Summer Camping Changes


Camp Hardtner Infastructure Upgrade will force Summer Camping Changes

    The Hardtner Camp and Conference Center, operating with an infrastructure that in places is 70-years old, will make an immediate upgrade of its waste water disposal system.

    When problems with the current system began to appear, Hardtner Executive Director Jason Ezell and the Hardtner Board of Trustees contracted with Meyer, Meyer, LaCroix & Hexson, an Alexandria-based engineering firm, to conduct a study and make recommendations. That contract was reviewed and endorsed by the Diocesan Executive Council.

    With the receipt of MML&H’s report, and after careful evaluation, the Hardtner Board of Trustees recommended replacement of the current system to the Diocesan Council, which has final responsibility for projects of this nature.

    At its Tuesday, April 15 meeting, Council voted without dissent to move forward immediately with replacement of the current system. Funding for the project will come from Diocesan reserve funds available for such contingencies.

    During discussion before the Council vote, Jason Ezell explained that “patching” the old system was becoming expensive and occurring with much more frequency. He said that immediate replacement was necessary to avoid “health issues” that might occur in the future and to ensure that visitors to the Camp be afforded “the best possible experience of the Camp” when they visit.

    2014 Summer Camping Program to be impacted
    With construction of the new system expected to take 45 to 60 days, this summer’s camping program will be impacted.   Jason Ezell has begun the process of notifying those affected by the mandatory restructuring of this summer’s camping program (campers, parents, the permanent camp staff, volunteer staff members, and camp deans).

    These are the realities of the re-structure: Camp sessions will be shorter than originally planned by one day each. “First Camp” and the program entitled “Taste of Hardtner,” have been cancelled, Training Camp for Counselors will tentatively begin on Sunday, June 22. Refunds will be given campers who have already registered for camp, but are unable to attend because of the new date for their camp. “Nothing we are working with is ideal,” said Ezell. “We really need everyone to rally around Hardtner and support these necessary changes.”

    Every effort will be made to accommodate all those that are affected by this, said Ezell. “We hope that people will realize the need to accomplish this upgrade, even with the dislocation that it causes.”


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