Diocesan Staff


 Jacob W. Owensby
Bishop of the Diocese of Western Louisiana






Joy Owensby
Missioner for Christian Formation 

In her capacity as the Diocesan Missioner for Christian Formation, Joy Owensby has accomplished, and will be responsible for the following:
• Serves as diocesan staff representative on various commissions and committees pertaining to children, youth, and young adults ;
• Serves as diocesan staff representative for Christian Formation at the Provincial level;
• Serves as diocesan manager for Safeguarding Online;
• Initiates and provides oversight for the application, review, awarding, and accountability process for grants to small congregations in support of ministry to children and youth;
• Provides support to congregations for their ministry to children, youth, and young adults.


 The Rev. Canon William Bryant
Canon for Congregational Vitality

 The Very Rev. Ron Clingenpeel
Transition Consultant

Kathy Richey
Missioner for Administration and Finance

Provides staff support and represents the
Bishop in matters pertaining to building operations
and diocesan financial and insurance business;
Other matters handled by Mrs. Richey include,
but are not limited to:
• diocesan accounts payable and receivable;
• diocesan asking and related payments;
• parochial reports and annual audits;
• matters pertaining to clergy insurance and pension;
• serves as staff support of the Diocesan Board of Trustees;
• staff coordinator for work of Diocesan
Convention Committee;
• general diocesan financial work, including
providing support to the Finance Committee.


Holly Davis
Missioner for Administration and Communications

Holly provides staff support for the Bishop
in the areas of administration and communications.
Holly serves as the assistant to the Bishop and is also responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the Diocese's Facebook page, Twitter, and website. Other matters performed by Ms. Davis include: 
  • Serves as administrative resource for all parishes and mission
  • Maintains Bishop's Calendar and visitation schedule 
  • Serves as staff support to Diocesan Commissions and Committees as assigned
  • Submit/monitors background checks and reports
  • Maintains Diocesan directory and updates
  • Responsible for maintaining certificates and licenses 
  • Performs updates to Diocesan journal 
  • Updates information on website for administrative purposes



The Rev. Elizabeth Ratcliff
Canon for Generosity and Hospitality

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